Everyone yearns for a beautiful meeting that proceeds without any snags or unpleasantness. I do my absolute best to provide such an experience but there are some things that you can do to help ease things along:

  • Carefully review my cancellation policy and FAQ.
  • When meeting, please provide your donation in an unsealed envelope as soon as we meet. It's so much more romantic when formalities are dealt with immediately.
  • Please arrive sober and having just showered, or at least showered within the last few hours. If you are unable to do this and will be visiting me at my in call, you may shower there as well! If you prefer to wear cologne, please apply it lightly as I am sensitive to perfumes.
  • Clear and open communication leads to ease and intimacy. If there are particular things you would like to try during our time together, feel free to name them when you first contact me so that I may be better prepared to accommodate you.