It was in my dreams
That I felt your caress.
Your hard calloused hands
Slope down my back.
The ghosts of your kisses
Collect at my neck.

For the sake of this vision I slept in three hours,
But it wasn't enough so I took The dream into the shower.
Hot water rolled and streamed over my breasts,
But in my mind it was the warmth of your chest.
This hazy plot, the respite of your body,
Lingers on and on, resistant to coffee.

The days are long, The work is tedious.
I forget my keys, I forget my wallet,
Small details are sacrificed For delights immediate.

Productivity gives way to glazed over eyes,
Taken over by the dull ache between my thighs.

I follow minute and second hands throughout the day- Drowsing along till I return to my bed;
The memories of you - All stored in my head.

You've made a sleep walker of me,
My waking life is numb and boring.
I doze and dream 'till we meet again
Restless, tossing and dreading the morning.