I've done up a little list of the most frequently asked questions I've come across. I'll do my best to update it as needed.

  • Do you have a cancellation/late policy?
    Yes, you can find it here.

  • Do you offer half hour appointments?
    I do, very rarely, offer half hour appointments while on tour (not in Montreal). However, I do not offer them on a pre-booking basis.

  • What is your availability like?
    While I am in Montreal, I do not take last minute or same day appointments and require a day or two of notice. If you would like to meet me in your city, be sure to check my Almanac section to see if I have upcoming tour dates. Fly/Train-Me-To-You meetings are also possible, within Canada only. The most efficient way to go about booking with me is to be clear about what times work for you and we can go from there.

  • What are your turn ons and turn offs? Do you have any restrictions?
    My turn ons include punctuality, courtesy, and mutual respect. My turn offs are rudeness, vague communication, and when people do not respect my time. Outside of that, I truly believe that attraction works in diverse and individual ways. I'm sure once we meet and our personal chemistry is established, we'll have a great time. As for restrictions - please be clear and concise in what you are looking for and I'll be happy to tell you whether or not I'm comfortable with it.

  • Do you offer in-call/ out-call meetings?
    When in Montreal, I can receive at a cute little apartment in the downtown area. I also offer out call appointments to 4-5 star hotels in the downtown. I do not offer out-calls while touring.

  • Do you speak French?
    My spoken French is still very limited (and I’m very shy about it), though I can read it with a little help from Google Translate. If you send me a message in French, I will likely be able to understand it but will only be able to reply back in English. If you speak to me in French, you will likely have to repeat yourself slowly and multiple times before I can catch your meaning - It sounds rather frustrating, doesn’t it? Let’s just communicate in English for now and I’ll do my best to learn quickly.

  • Are your fees negotiable?
    No, they are not. Any haggling or attempts to negotiate will be taken as a sign of incredible disrespect and rudeness.

  • May I take photos during our meeting?
    No, you may not. While I feel confident you will leave with lovely memories of our time together, that is all you will leave with.

  • What does 'Social Hour' mean?
    A social hour involves a meeting in public. This can include a coffee date, going out to dinner, visiting a museum, or even a night at the opera. This may be a good option if you would like to see if we have good chemistry before you commit to a more intimate rendevous. Any meetings that take place in private fall under my regular donation options.

  • May I use you as a reference?
    Of course! I’m not jealous by nature and there are so many lovely companions in the world. If you have been respectful and courteous with me and I have met with you within the last six months, please don't hesitate to give my name to another companion. I only ask that you let me know when you are giving me as a reference so that I can keep an eye on my inbox. I will do my best to respond to reference requests in a timely fashion.

  • What does meaningful companionship mean?
    I am a naturally empathetic and affectionate individual. I seek to connect with others on a deeply emotional level and form relationships founded on acceptance, compassion, and mutual respect.